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Sceptile Smashified

By Zesiul
Be Sure to check out the transparent version here-

This is our long awaited episode for Sceptile! Third generation is a big deal to me, because it's the last generation I played. Sceptile was in fact my favorite of the main three evolutions. That said Blazekin is pretty great. Swampert too. I had a blast sculpting this model in 3D, and then later rendering it. It gave me quite a bit of confidence for a later character that'll also be fully 3D. 

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Other stuff. Feel free to download and use them for stuff, but please credit if you publish it!

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Waterfallgrass123's avatar
Septile is my fav out of the 3 gen 3 starters. Good work.
TheSmashWaffle's avatar
Overrated af. Unova still needs more rep.
KingLittleCaesar's avatar
True, like Serperior, perhaps?
SacredTerrador's avatar
Emboar would make more sense for smash. 
KingLittleCaesar's avatar
Ehh, not huge fan of Emboar. Although, Blaziken would be a better choice.
SacredTerrador's avatar
Meh, Blaziken is pretty overhyped as well.
KingLittleCaesar's avatar
I guess we all have our differences of who we want to add in.
KingLittleCaesar's avatar
But in all honesty, neither of these two Pokemon are the ones that I’d really look forward to getting in Smash. If anyone, it would be Gardevoir.
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can you do some Smashified Spectrobes please?
Karasu-96's avatar
My top favorite Grass starter. He's one of the top characters I wanted to appear in the Smash series as a playable character. Least he's in Pokken
GreenAuraLizard's avatar
All i can say is absolutely STUNNING work here!As much as i kind of liked the take of the first model you guys were working on as shown in the time lapse video, this one does seem like the better version, as it still has the proportions and the anime style of them. The dinosaur take on Sceptile, while neat and different, would have strayed a bit far from the feeling of the original. 
Was So excited seeing the next silhouette of the character you were doing! You guys managed to really fit Sceptile into the smash style: keeping him a touch more animated, while still having a bit of realism in there. 
Overall, i am extremely happy and impressed at how this came out!
Zesiul's avatar
Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it so much. Look forward to many more characters coming, we're just starting to get the hang of these.
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aftertaster7's avatar
I kinda still wanna see how the Ripped Sceptile would look rendered...
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cothero's avatar
OH MY GOD, this is so sick! The best so far!
LucarioShirona's avatar
Arceus! This defiantly is the best of them all!
TheGESS's avatar
I totally want this to be an amiibo
JDMH's avatar
Recently, I think you guys had been slipping up in terms of the style and quality, but THIS IS THE BEST EVER.
unisonic's avatar
Ive gotten so used to the pokken tournament design.
Gnorcteen's avatar

he be in my top 10 favorite pokemon
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