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Sans Smashified Trophy

Sans from Undertale as a Smashified Trophy. This was one of those trophies I simply HAD to do. I discovered Undertale earlier this year in January, and from that moment on I planned to make this trophy come out around the Halloween season. While his artwork was nearly done by Halloween, we decided the creepy Flowey episode deserved to come first, so Sans came out afterward. It's been an absolute blast working on this trophy, it seems to be one of our more extensive trophies of all time.

I've posted here the two versions that were developed. You see Sans' design is very loose. Toby Fox references fan art to solidify his own characters, and so there was this huge discussion on what we personally preferred. Which is almost never the case with these episodes, but because Toby didn't quite know what he wanted we found it best to discover the character for ourselves. Which led to questions like "shirt or no shirt?" I personally prefer the no shirt, but other disagreed on that fact. So here with are with two renders. Between Sean and I we built an entire skeleton underneath this guy. It'd be a shame to now show that, so I figured I'd post it here, so why not?

Check out the full episode here-
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Sans is in smash now sadly he's only a costume