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King K. Rool

By Zesiul
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This is the fourth installment in the Smashified series. Also my first entry and kickoff to my involvement in the project as a creative director!

Being my first entry in the series, it was more than a difficult task to capture the style of Super Smash Brothers. Testing out a wide variety of techniques is something I typically try to be good at. This was so different from anything I've done before. So much so that I found myself taking a few steps back, often. Luckily the project is a collaborative one so I would receive pointers from other group members. Being a team is truly beneficial to success on this sort of activities.

In the future I plan to tip the scales from 2D painting more so to 3D. We will of course always have a need to paint over our models, but as time moves forward I want to have a bit more 3D work than 2D. As the Smash renders developed by Nintendo are completely 3D. We just aim to get as close to what they're doing as possible.

In other news, suggestions are changing a bit. You can now tweet directly at "smashified", which is the best way to have your suggestion be seen. Comments anywhere else with #smashified also works.

And don't forget to check out the official Smashified website!
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SpedaTW's avatar
Rather amusing how he was invited to Ultimate
KirbyFan99's avatar
You heard he's in, right?
Alex-SmashBro's avatar
He's finally in!
yokodoko's avatar
Boy, did this pic age well...
Green-Rabb1t's avatar
JohnyOlde's avatar
K. Rool is confirmed; he's in Smash Bros. Ultimate…
ZookieDragon's avatar
Wow! This looks like it could be official smash bros art. Hopefully one day he'll make it into the game...
BrochachoYT's avatar
i bet you know but hes in
ZookieDragon's avatar
I know - really makes me want to get a Switch :)
SuperSkyFandomsLum's avatar
That looks so awesome! ^^
DragonRex1's avatar
BrochachoYT's avatar
Qirdich's avatar
I thought for some time that it was an official artwork. Though it's a pity he doesn't have tail in newer version. ;/ Anyway, awesome work.
ShadowFlare78's avatar
Desertlizard's avatar
I miss that guy so much.....
HyperVoiceActing's avatar
This looks flawless. K Rool is one of my top picks for the Smash Poll.

Great job, good sir.
randomjester's avatar
Looks really great! One thing though is there is a very strong tangent with the jewel and the tooth, it draws the eye and makes the whole thing feel flatter. 
RogerMark's avatar
Chaos 0 and Leon s S'Kennedy please
KingBooKirby's avatar
This is perfect. Looks like a cross between his classic and new design. If he gets in (Which, let's face it, he probably will at this rate), this would be the absolutely perfect design.
Paultrol's avatar
Nice!!!!!!!!!! <3
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