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Inkling Boy

By Zesiul
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The inkling boy that was created as the seventh installment of the #Smashified series. You can watch the time lapse video here: (With Commentary | Without Commentary)

This was one incredible feat, we actually painted both the boy and girl inkling from Splatoon. This also marked the addition of our new artist member Sean-the-Artist. Make sure to check out his page! We managed to paint this pretty quickly between Sean, Omni and I. The division of labor helped a lot in that regard. Our team is really starting to get a knack for how to do things. This will mean our upcoming characters to be Smashified should be frequent. 

Make sure to check out the transparent version of the boy- fav.me/d8vboll
As well as the Inkling girl- fav.me/d8vch5a
And the final combination of both the Inklings- fav.me/d8vc3v5
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Guillaume101Student Traditional Artist
I call this boy Kaiji, and Inkling Girl, I call her Annie.
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JujuPnF1995NewHobbyist Filmographer
Confirmed on the 3.8.18 Nintendo Direct!
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JudewelosStudent Digital Artist
Can I edit to make a reference for my Splatoon OC? Credit will be given!
th3genie's avatar
wow i like your designs, would u mind if i use some of them ?
FlipnoteWitzke's avatar
FlipnoteWitzkeStudent Digital Artist
Awesome Smash art for Inkling Boy! :D
Laharl234's avatar
Laharl234Hobbyist Writer
Hey playa! S'appenin' brah?
RogerMark's avatar
Chaos 0 please

Fait 1 de Chaos 0 svp

Tu es excellent
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PeraliniaStudent Traditional Artist
I was interested in inklings so I saw the video this morning and had never seen the series now I see it here.
the7kirbies's avatar
the7kirbiesHobbyist Filmographer
I saw the videos and I really like them. How do you do that phrase effect at the end of the video, like "Inklings Claim Their Turf" and "Travis gets Psyched"?
Zesiul's avatar
Its a compilation of assets that are then trough into Adobe After Effects to be pushed around and composited together. 
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DayPhantomHobbyist Filmographer
How did you manage to make that effect on his mask? That it looks so uneven and rough?
Zesiul's avatar
It's a filter in SAI
BLTspirit's avatar
BLTspiritHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude! Y'all improve vastly with each entry!
TeamFortressGoddess's avatar
They've already announced costumes to make Miis look just like Inklings. I Seriously dont think they're gonna be added
MandatoryImagination's avatar
MandatoryImaginationHobbyist Traditional Artist
Link has an outfit, Mario has his cap... Come think of it, multiple characters have costumes despite being playable. I wouldn't be surprised if Inkling made the cut, after all.
... Although I must admit I'd prefer them in Smash 5.
so... link and mario were already announced by that time... ik they did the same with meta knight but he still made the game before it came out, why would they release the same dlc twice... plus mario and link are one of gaming's biggest icons and splatoon's been out for a week... it's not the same thing 
MandatoryImagination's avatar
MandatoryImaginationHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, but it was just to show that costumes aren't really proof for how good a character's chances are. We've also gotten a Mega Man costume (I know, it's X, but still).
And while you do make a fair point with the one week statement, it makes sense for Nintendo to advertise their new IP in other popular games, considering how insane their advertising for Splatoon has been. I don't think they will be the first ones to be added, I'm not even saying they will be, but considering how Nintendo has been treating Splatoon up until now, it wouldn't surprise me if they did.
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Randomocity-GamingStudent Traditional Artist
I don't know why but I really love the way you did the ink tank for some reason. The ink inside looks like it has real substance! Nice job on this one!
superpika293's avatar
superpika293Hobbyist General Artist
I wouldn't be surprised if they add an Inkling now.
iAmirrora's avatar
iAmirroraHobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous work!!
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