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New Generation, New Fake Leaks

With every new generation of Pokémon comes fresh sets of fake leaks. It's just pretty much tradition now. As you may probably know, many of you have seen the fake Sun & Moon leaks revealing trainers and the starters. If you haven't, check them here. But obviously it's fake as the Japanese text was poor, as the 4chan weebs like to point out. And my trainer art was easily recognizable if you've been watching me here for so long. Like really, look how obvious the style screams fake. I got rusty af with those. But anyways, we had a lot of fun making the fake leaks because so many were just so hungry for new Sun and Moon content. We're sorry to all those easily butthurt people we rused, if you actually wanted real official info go check fan news sites besides 4chan.

My friends and I have seen previous leaks and thought how poor and sloppy some of them were (bunch of cropped, tilted, and blurred pics, who are you foolin'?). We really wanted to top it off and put a lot of effort into it. But not much could be done in such a limited time, given we only had 3 days to work on them. In that time period we seemed to pull off, if not, one of the most impressive scans in our opinions. Some liked it, many haven't. But we don't mind. We made this just for fun and just to go with the tradition of making fake scans.

So here's how a team of us (zerudez harikenn and a few others that request to be anonymous) came together to make the fake leaks.

Beginning The Leak

Our team were discussing about what starters we wanted to see for Sun and Moon. I decided to draw my predictions.If you follow me on Twitter I tweeted out my predictions. And if you caught that, you would've known the fake leak starters were by me. So about 4 days ago I began to draw the starters and showed my team. Then we hatched the idea of making a fake CoroCoro scan for fun.

These starters weren't originally how they ended up looking. The starters were such a struggle to design. With the suggestions from our team, we were able to make the starters look like starters.

Designing The Grass Starter

Designing the grass starter was generally easy. The very first design (bottom left) was just plain shit and in need of a revamp. It first started as a goat but went in the direction of a ram. So we then ended up with the design at the top right but we felt it didn't have that starter feel.  The starters from the games lately have interesting body shapes and exaggerated proportions, like Fennekin and Snivy for example with their big heads. So that's what I did with this ram. I gave it a bigger head, smaller body, and bigger horns. We were going for a viking route and the final evo would turn out way different, being Grass/Rock or Grass/Ground.

Designing The Fire Starter

The fire starter was a bit more of a struggle compared to the ram. The first design (bottom right) wasn't that bad but still didn't quite have that Pokémon feel. So again we played around with proportions and many different designs as you can see below. We played around with patterns and ended up with the final design which I think is a better improvement. For this bear, it would end up Fire/Dark and look more tribal.

Designing The Water Starter
This water starter was the hardest to design. We literally had a full page of sketches as you can see below. There were so many possible designs to choose from. But they still look like basic reptilian fakemon. Team had their input and it was just so stressful to get a final design. We ended up going back to the first design. This was gonna end up as a Water/Flying basilisk.

If you're interested in an in-depth guide on designing starters, let me know in the comments.

Designing The Trainers

Did I even try? I literally had like a day to draw these before we posted our leaks so it was rushed and didn't turn out that well. I acknowledge the fat that these were bad. If we had more time, then I would have hella gone full-out Sugimori on these. They turned out decent imo. Many have liked the girl's design. I wanted to give like, a different theme for these trainers. Looking back on these, I wish I could've done better. My style is so recognizable here by others.

I wanted to give them brighter hair colors because there's been to many dark-colored hair on previous trainers. I'll do better next time. I'm still kinda proud how these ended up but I don't need them and plan to auction them off if anyone is interested. Or note me with an offer.

Making The Box Arts

Since you know due to time limits, I couldn't have come up with designs for the legendaries. So I just quickly did some rough shapes and sculpt out a decent, believable silhouette. So then I just slapped those and the logos on a 3DS case and shit on graphics.


Making The Pages

harikenn was in charge of making the starter page. He did such a spectacular job with it. Our other member was in charge of doing some Japanese flavor text. I felt like we needed more pages instead of just one. So I made 2 more pages to feature the trainers and one as a cover page to feature the silhouettes. I know the Japanese was hella poor, but most of it I copied from the official XY and BW/2 websites so I thought they would've passed. But obviously not.

Also forgot the furigana. The fucking furigana. We would've gone away with it if it weren't for you meddling weebs. No but I should've let my teammates proofread it first.

It was only until after we posted the leaks, we realized we forgot the furigana. It looked pretty believable from afar. Then to make it more believable we had another teammate in charge of making the models. He was almost finished with some but then there were technical difficulties. So as a backup plan, I went and made mockup models in Photoshop. Trust me they were so horrible, but since it will be scaled and tilted a bit, it looked pretty decent.

Just fucking look at this shitty mockup.

I would show the other screens but they are just as bad as our Japanese texts.

But of course, to make it seem real we did ugly sketches of them and posted to 4chan days before we planned to post the fake leaks. Also, when posting alleged leaks online you gotta pretend you're from Nintendo or some other job position in the industry to make these legit right? :^) Tbh, who would even fall for that?

God damn, look how ugly our sketches were. But it worked to fool some.

Now when we had our pages ready, harikenn went and bought magazine paper to print these on. Yes, we were that dedicated and filled with determination to make these leaks look somewhat real. The printed result looked so good and the quality was impressive. But some of the colors changed on the magazine paper. They weren't supposed to look that saturated (the starters and models).

Read harikenn's in-depth part of his role in making the leaks here.

Our team was pretty impressed with the turnout of the prints. So then we decided to post them on 4chan hell. We really didn't have a goal, as I repeat this was for the fun of it. But seeing our leaks spread pretty much all over the internet was kinda cool. It was kinda fun to see some believe it and even more fun to see the rage and butthurtedness. As much as I want Sun and Moon updates, I do hope we get the reveal of the real starters soon.


Our team really did have a fun and yet stressful time working on these leaks. What did you think of the leaks? We understand if we caused some rage and shit, but it's all good. At least we put a lot of effort into these. It was pretty cool it got the attention of Serebii and Kotaku and like Twitter and shit. I'm glad most of you enjoyed our designs. As fun and stressful as it was to make leaks, I'm done with it. No more. Cheers to those who want to do fake leaks in the future, be sure to impress and fool many. Thanks and see ya.


If you are interested in contacting me regarding a business inquiry, please email me at zerudez@gmail.com


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Can I use the grass starter designs for my fakemon region? I'm not very good at making fakemon. Also, I think its original design is adorable!🐐🍀