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Witches and their cats

I had started on this months ago when the Sun & Moon starters revealed but then I got busy with commissions. I had planned to paint a background but I don't have time so I just did something simple. Since it's now October, it felt appropriate and I might as well submit what I have. Hope you like it. 🎃

Delphox And Litten Progress by zerudez 

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From one generation to another.
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the littens all around are so cute!
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Delphox is my favorite pokemon, and they are with one of the saasiest pokemon of all time, this is amazing, good work
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xD This is so funny......wait a second....was this the REAL reason that the fire starter is a cat?? To go with Delphox? I wonder
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aww this is cute
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You made delphox look incredibly nice, but I really love how you did the colors on this
very well contrasted! :3
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Halloween will be coming! :FluffyLa: 
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well drawn
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back, back, back again i see. i've missed your art heaps.
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My art misses you <3
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This is one of those ideas taht simply feel right and is hard to wonder why one did not think of it before. To clarify I'm not discriditing the idea by saying it is simple, but praising it due to how organic it feels. Adding the cuteness of it to your marvelous art style and we get this wonderful picture :3
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Thank you! (:
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awesome work :)
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*Head explodes of cuteness*
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