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Mega Swampert [FAKE]

By zerudez
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My fanmade version of a Mega Swampert. Hope you like it.
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© 2013 - 2021 zerudez
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i still look at aquatic-adapted mega swampert concepts like yours and wonder what could have been... not that i hate the official one, just wish it was more suited to its element (mega sceptile and blaziken look like they excel at both their typings). sure it looks like a hard hitter, but i can never imagine it being all too graceful in the water... your design looks like an excellent swimmer, however!
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That looks so much better than what we actually have
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This is wrong. Mega Swampert was announced and it doesnt look like this. Reported.
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and check the date
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is this a joke or are you an imbecile
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because i have a mouth....?
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then why did you ask 
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Ìn normal cases I don't care about other comments, but I think there is a little misunderstanding. This Mega Swampert was made/uploaded in December 2013. This was short after the X/Y-release. The real Mega Swampert was announced about 2 years later. So both of you should stop fighting. ^-^

Besides, I like this version of mega Swampert :D
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This is a thousand times better than the current Mega Swampert. This one actually looks like a mega and not a buff version of the Pokemon.
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If this was real I'd choose Mudkip as my starter any day.
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Hey, I'd choose Mudkip every day!
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Much better than the actual one imo...
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Looks a hell of a lot better than the real one, though.
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What digital art software do you use??? Send me an email to, istead of answering the comment, please. Thanks!
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In my opinion, this one is bit better than the real one.
The real one looks like a fat frog with elephant hands. (ik most people say he/she is fat)
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I like this better :(

The real one is too FAT
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i prefer the buffed up one
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I wish that were the original.
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As much as I like how RIPPED the original Mega Swampert is, THIS is a better, more faithful design
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Literally a million times better than the abomination we're getting. Great job man.
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your opinion disturbs me, they're both great. well let's see if you can do total bomb or if your bomb can't blow at all.
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