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073 Siberizen

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Published: April 19, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 zerudez
The Alpha Hound Pokémon
Ability: Snow Cloak/Ice Body
Hidden Ability: Mold Breaker
Type: Ice/Dark
Height: 4'05"
Weight: 139.2 lbs

Base Stats
HP 80 | Attack 135 | Defense 70 | Sp. Attack 90 | Sp. Defense 70 | Speed 110 = 555

Ruffski evolves into Arblizen starting at level 36, which evolves into Siberizen when traded while holding a Glacial Fang (male only).

Dex Entry
Known as the judge of the north, Siberizen is a powerful yet wise Pokémon. It chooses the fate of those found within its territory by its underlings.

Name Origin
Siberian husky + Frozen

Siberizen © zerudez

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ArcaneTheArtistHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a very cool fakemon.
Love it's name.
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Nono2002Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG!I'd love this one!!
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NinetailsOfSavageStudent Digital Artist
Ooh, this thing is super cool.
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Thick Snow
Ice Shard
Ice Fang
Ice Claw
Icicle Crash
Night Slash
Knock Off
Thunder Fang
Thunder Claw
Shadow Claw
Smart Strike
Psycho Cut
Brick Break
Extreme Speed
Sword Dance
Hone Claws
False Swipe
Crush Claw
Giga Impact
quintonshark8713's avatar
And Earthquake

Egg Group: Field
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PolllarStudent Traditional Artist
HP - 65
Attack - 130
Defence - 80
Special Attack - 67
Special Defence - 65
Speed - 125
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I want this pokimon so bad :C
SmashkartU's avatar
HP: 67
Attack: 130
Defense: 51
Sp. Attack: 53
Sp. Defense: 47
Speed: 100
Total: 448

Has a signature move called Thick Snow. It's a new entry hazard that causes the opposing team's moves to move the turn after being used, like Solar Beam. The opposing team can remove it with Rapid Spin, Defog, Fire type moves, moves with 100 or above base power, or by switching into an Ice type Pokemon. Flying types are immune.
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Look! Havaian Lugarugan! It's nos and Ice/Dark Type.
I really think Pokemon is using your fakemons as inspiration! xD
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zerudezHobbyist Digital Artist
chasemortier's avatar
Just look at it..prntscr.com/chajl7
And then rockruff... The stones around his neck..
Just the same as Arblizen...

Why aren't they taking you for some pokemon!
(Not that the pokemon are bad from sun and moon I love the all, it even looks like it's going to be the best pokegame ever, but I think you get my point :p)
ArcanineMike's avatar
Oh and please make a mega evo for this
ArcanineMike's avatar
I love it considering its a wolf Pokemon and I love wolves
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WolfH00dX10Student General Artist
matonara's avatar
eu amei esse pokemon!!!
TheLastHetaira's avatar
TheLastHetairaProfessional Writer
One of those Fakemon that looks almost real! :D 
Denshin's avatar
DenshinHobbyist Digital Artist
This would be that pokemon that takes you an eternity to catch because he just WON'T STAY IN THE DAMN POKEBALL and then I would love him forever and take him with me everywhere, completely forgetting about the others on the team 'cause he's just too damn awesome to leave in the box or not battle with

I think this is by far my favorite
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zerudezHobbyist Digital Artist
:DD thanks
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BlazefoxenStudent Digital Artist
Is there going to be a Mega Evolution of this pokemon?check out this cute pokemon check out this cute pokemon Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] moonflower 
PokemonTopazNOpal's avatar
that is what i also want.
addictedtopokemon's avatar
Sibirizen is so awesome. He should be real.

Suggested stats:

Hp 82
Atk 106
Def 89
Spa 76
Spd 72
Spe 115
Total: 540

New move:
Tundra fang 
Type: Ice
Category: physical
Base power: 100
Accuracy: 90
10% chance to freeze opponent.
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The horns are over kill for me
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