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aloha you can call me marc or azria or zerudez

i just like to make fakemon on here

It's been nearly 4 years since the starters of the Avoris Region were revealed. Taramby, Scorxio, and Ekino were revealed to be the starters of my third generation dex, taking place in the Avoris Region. Now after several years, meet their evolved forms: Rambliss, the Ram Pokémon Toxiscore, the Toxic Claws Pokémon Wizquid, the Novice Pokémon Keep reading further to learn more about them and to understand why their designs took years to finalize. Rambliss, The Ram Pokémon Rambliss emanates an aroma that purifies the air and their surroundings. They release spores when in a blissful state, spreading happy vibes to those nearby. They like to keep their habitats clean and tidy. The flowers they grow produce a sweet aroma that calms people, which is why these Pokémon are popular in yoga and meditation. It is said to also purify and ward off any evil energy. Toxiscore, The Toxic Claws Pokémon They secrete venom from their sharp claws and tail. The flames they emit
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a very sad day

1 min read
unfortunately, our dog has left us. we thought she was improving but sadly these medications we not enough to save her... i will miss her so so so much. i will miss taking her on our morning walks, i'll miss when she gets so excited to see me when i come home, i'll miss her being playful, i'll miss everything about her. she's no longer suffering from pain. we are so deeply saddened and we love her very much. she'll live on in our hearts and memories ♥ if any of you would like to share your stories about a beloved pet that has passed and how you coped with it, please share. i would like to read them. with stress and anxiety already going on, plus the loss of our dog, i will be taking a break from commissions and other work.
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hey. remember Luvenny?

You have with your loved ones a Happy Birthday and this year God fill you with blessings and happiness my friend. =P:#1::airborne::airborne::airborne::cake::party::party::party::hug::huggle::happybounce::happybounce::cake:

Happy birthday ^^

Happy early birthday!

Do you like my 30s style Poliwhirl?

30s Poliwhirl


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