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invitation to a situation v4

well, I was really unhappy with [link] , so I had to address it by making it scrap and returning to it (I really was frustrated with it.

I feel better now.
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Beautiful piece :+fav:
puke-drunk's avatar
i extremely enjoy this image. i would have to say had i had the money to buy at least one of your prints, this would be it. nicely done.
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how many have you sold?
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i hope you are happy with it now. i love it. the texture is beyond awesome and the composition and colors are great. killer work...
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This looks better in my opinion, it has much nicer colors... This is pleasant to look at.
CaptPunk's avatar
good range of colours and tones, quite a moving piece for some reason
rushianchic's avatar
wow this is tremendously cool
nice job =D
FixMeNow's avatar
really fantastic piece, very intense, love the use of colour.
electronIcuttour's avatar
amazing... great color story...
alwayzdazd's avatar
looks like somebody went on a rampage and clawed. awesome colors, and i like the little hint of blue at the top; made me look twice.
solarbaby's avatar
rich and hard. the blue softens things wonderfully.
castitas's avatar
love the colors so rich...beauitful abstract quailtys

paraballein's avatar
Oh fuck this is too cool. :o Full view is a total must. I hardly ever fav anything but, can't help myself on this.

I absolutely love this color scheme, the depth of texture and use of black make it seem like you can reach your hand down into the canvas. Inspirational work.
davidorfeus's avatar
amazing. very symbolic...
I like it
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seeing as i how i have neglected to inform you of your overwhelming awesomeness and ass kicking power i thought it was about time i got around to it. i have a good half of your stuff saved to my computer so i can use it as reference. i really don't like abstract stuff as a rule, but you've seriously rearranged my world view in that respect, as well as taught me about what can be done with color and (real, tangible) paint. thank you so much for existing and posting your stuff on a site like da whose populace (me, for instance) is, on the whole, unworthy to do your laundry.
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I am glad that you have found some benefit or interest in what I do, but I guess I should address some things:

1. Most of my laundry has to be dry cleaned anyway (I wear a lot of suits and such), but seriously, that is a silly statement. While many folks here have been known to annoy me, everyone is in their own way seeking a voice, and more often than not, it is not a matter of comparing yourself to someone else, but to find the internal compass to lead yourself somewhere you want to go.

2. That being said, I am an elitist bastard and a misanthrope :P

3. I hate a lot of abstract work myself (I find most of it to be done by hacks and lazy fools who have no grasp of things like composition and general aesthetics), but really love those that can do it well ( `alchemism and ~03 come immediately to mind, as well as big influences on my own work like Jasper Johns and Mark Motherwell and Franz Kline). When it works, it's great...when it's just hacked together, it's a nigh infinite pile of steaming goat turd. Such is life.
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i generally find that abject flattery is at least appriciated, even though rarely agreed with. elitist bastards are hard to come by. : ) thanks for the links and people to look for.
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glad you feel better. isn't it great when you finally solve things like that. anyway, rad color scheme and textures...
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That turquoise is HOT :D
wicked-eve's avatar
what orgasmic textures!! :heart:
oartistic1's avatar
gorgeous colors, very rich
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