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from glacier to sea

By zeruch
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Probably not one of the most original works I have done, but I was so fixated on the cluster of basic geometric forms I started with, I could not let go of this (I came back to it several times over several years).

Paint and ink on bristol + digital
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Lovely colours!
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Very nice.  I love the different tones of the blue abstracts.
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I like this! It looks digital. Makes me think of technology. 
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It is partially digital.  I went through a long phase where I created geometric primitives using software, then post-processed along with textures and paint layers done analog.  It's a time intensive process, but the results can be fun and unexpectedly rewarding.
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I think it's a good thing to sometimes step back and allow yourself to appreciate the basic elements of art. Sometimes working on a composition of cubes is just what the doctor ordered. I find beauty in a handful of cubes.
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awesome gallery
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This deviation has been featured in my news article
Amazing Art Features II

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architecture buffs are suckers for cubes haha
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Unless you are Frank Gehry :D
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Great work. I think the background is too desaturated and/or too empty, though. For this reason, I think this piece lacks the intensity and complexity of many of your other works. The foreground and the background don't seem to work well together colouristically, whereas it is the interesting interplay of colour that usually attracts me so much to your work.

Also, the composition seems a little awkward. I think the top and bottom should have been cropped more, or not at all. Also, that area of empty space on the right doesn't seem to add anything. I think that it too should have either been considerably extended or eradicated altogether.

Still, those are fairly minor criticisms, and overall, it's a very good piece.
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this is so cool. it's trippy and i love the colors!
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pretty stuff! and i love the title.
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That is wicked fresh!!!
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You have one of the few truly original styles on dA. Fantastic, as always, and long may it continue! :+fav:
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Thank you very kindly.
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had to come back to this and give it a :+fav:
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this is really different from your usual work... i really love it though. the colors are extremely bold and against the tanish background... they really pop... this is a really nice piece visually. nice work.
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at first glance i thought this was a city... really well done!
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