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AVPM poster



OK, this is my final work on AVPM, 50x70 cm poster : ]

It was a wonderful art journey to draw them (unfortunately not all of them... It would take another 2 weeks : [) and to make this poster.

I will try to separate new portraits form the final art soon, but right now I'm done :D

It took all my free hours this 2 weeks and my boyfriend (who likes AVPM very much) said he will email them to say he is jealous :XD:

I've learned so much and had wonderful time listening to AVPM music (always when drawing them ...)
Big :heart: for all StarKids for this :]

Thank you all for your support for my AVPM related art. It means a lot and kept me going
Big :hug: for you all :love:

other AVPM connected drawings of mine:
Voldemort - Joe Walker
Brian Rosenthal - Quirrell
Lauren Lopez - Draco Malfoy
Darren Criss - Harry Potter
Jaime Lyn Beatty and Joey Richter as Ginny and Ron

AVPS related art:
Tyler Brunsman as Lucius
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As separate paintings, these are all very nice, but when you start putting them together like this, they need to be completely uniform. The light source on all the characters should be coming from the same place. Right now, it looks a bit off because Harry seems to be emitting some sort of glow that doesn't match up with the shading on a few of the characters. If you were intending to have shots from separate scenes (with different lighting each one) in sort of a "mash-up" instead of one whole scene, you might want to "separate" the characters more, whether by making them a little bit smaller or putting that glow around them as well. Also, some of the faces look a bit deformed, so watch out for that when your subject is making a silly face. Since this is a digital piece, this can be fixed fairly easily.

Other than that, it's great that they all have pretty much the same color reflected light coming onto them, it makes the characters really pop, and the composition is well-balanced. I can tell where in the show each of the references came from quite easily. (My favorite of them all are Harry and Quirrel, you captured them almost PERFECTLY.) Keep doing what you do, and I look forward to more AVPM fanart from you...especially after AVPS comes out on YouTube this week!!! <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/b/b…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>

P.S. If you can, do one of Tyler. He and I went to high school together and I would love to see your rendition of him!!! XD