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Chapter 1 - Desolation
As I appeared in the other universe I began to situate myself, I tested the headset. “Axl, Are you there?” I said hopefully. “Yes, your vitals aren’t in this universe anymore, you made it I assume?” He replied. I began to search around, I had landed in a bed of yellow flowers, A boarded off hole was above me. The walls were made of a pinkish brick. “Yea, I’m in some sort of cavern ruins.” I said curiously. I used my gem as a flashlight while exploring. The area was worn and flowers had overgrown the place. I kept walking through a tunnel. it led to a few spike floor puzzles, and I jumped over them instead of bothering to use them. As I advanced I saw many solved puzzles.
After the long set of tunnels I reached a dead tree with a house behind it. I entered the house only to find it empty, as if whoever lived there had moved out. I searched the home, but everything had been taken. So I searched the basement only to find a large door, a
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Prologue - Scientific Discovery
I was woken up by the sound of frantic yelling. Not of the scared type mind you, but of the Excited. I rushed out to see what was going on, only to be nearly tackled by Axl. He attempted to tell me something but he was too happy to explain it. “Axl, Axl! Calm down, tell me what happened.” I said, grabbing his shoulders. He took a moment to calm himself before explaining what had happened to me.
He explained that he had created a new device that was able to prove multiverse theory. “How does it work?” I curiously asked. He quickly begun to explain, “Well, It uses energy to rip apart space-time, allowing objects, or people to be sent through.” He happily said. He was quickly bouncing with joy as he said this.
I quickly pulled Zero to the machine; it was a huge closet like machine. It had many tubes connected to it and a control panel outside. Zero seemed intrigued as he stared at the thing. He turned to me and asked “Does it work?”
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Tagged by a bunch of NORMIES, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ( ShiningDreamer , Dynamo-the-Great )

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I never really talk about my version of Zero, or 'Zero Kuro' so screw it

1. He is a prince, The clan he was to rule was destroyed, and he was stolen by Wily, and mutilated and transformed into a robot, before being sealed away.

2. He has had multiple upgrades, including upgrading from a reactor core to a Mass-Driven Quasar Core.

3. He is the God of Destruction, having been fused with the Spirit of Destruction during his transformation to a robot.

4. Zero Meditates to keep his latent maverick virus concealed, as to not go insane.

5. He seems cold to the outside eye, but to his friends and family, he is a warm hearted Smart-ass, taking most opportunity's to make jokes.

6. After he left the Maverick hunters, he earned himself the mark of an Unstable Reploid, not Maverick, but not Safe.

7. He enjoys the company of other Hunter Defectors, Such as Dynamo or Cedar, He only left after his wife did.

8. He was trained in Bushido during his time as a young Human, He forgot the warrior code as a robot, but never lost his master Swordsman abilities.

I ain't got no-one to tag, im ALLLLL BY MY SELLLFFF


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Greetings, I am Zero Wily the Leader of the Maverick Hunters and S class hunter. My Wife is Reila Shiro, Retired Maverick Hunter.


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