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Electronic monitoring (31 styles)



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 ---------  Electronic monitoring  ---------
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Automatically scaling the skin on any screen resolution with 31 styles of panels for different themes Windows, choice of color and 10 handpicked fonts.
It is possible to hide and open the blocks with the monitoring indicators individually or all at once.
Big functionality for the access to the applets in control panel, and system administration.
Base 10 blocks are placed on the choice top or bottom of the monitor. Equalizer and control skin in the center.


Any part of the skin is updated by clicking the middle mouse button.
Click on the edge of the panels displays a shortcut menu of programs Rainmeter.


At the Central control buttons skin: you can

- Click the button "Skin" to hide and open all main panels of the skin at the same time.
- Buttons "Left" and "Right" to switch the panel design of the skin.
- Click "Fonts" to choose one of 10 the proposed fonts.
- Click the "Color" you can choose a color toning of the skin.


Blocks "3Launchers" , "Programs", "Calendar" and "Discs memory" is possible to scroll with the mouse wheel
(and in the settings of the alarm, timer and the search string for the Internet, there is a choice of 37 sites).


If you click in the "Player" on the album cover:
- Right-click: to merge my folder with music.
- Then left click to open it.


Click on the weather icon or line, city and country, you can open the weather site


Click the right mouse button:

- In the launcher for a specific icon its shortcut menu.
- Disc memory - their properties window.
- Progress bar-volume - MUTE
- User name - library
- Computer name - create a restore point


On bars-bands "Progress track", "Volume player" and "system Volume" - you can use mouse click, drag position and scrolling the mouse wheel.


On the block of indicators of the Internet:

- button Wi-Fi: shows the real power of the signal.
- If there is no connection or there was a gap , it shows the icon overlay on the graphs


In the block of the User on the trash can in the presence of deleted files shows the number of files and their volume.

- Left click - "open the recyclebin".
- Right click - "empty recyclebin".

P.S.: On the "Calendar" below the line "day.month.year" is a countdown to the New year.

In all other cases, valid-click the left mouse button. And I hope that the functions assign most of the buttons clear.

 |||||||||||||||||||||| -----   manual for 3 Launchers   ----- ||||||||||||||||||||||

1. If enabled, the launcher number 1, the fourth button on the main mini panel opens the folder for him.
   (The same actions for the second launcher, and for the third - each has its own folder)

2. In these folders you can delete and insert shortcuts to programs, files, folders, and drives in unlimited number.
   (They will appear on the launcher after it updates by clicking on the number of launcher or middle mouse button)

3. In the launcher you can store any file and access them from the toolbar.
   (Note that large files will take a lot of space on the system drive)

4. In the launcher you can create folders to group files or shortcuts on the topics.
   (These folders will be opened immediately on the launcher to show its contents.
To close them you need to refresh the skin by clicking the number launcher or the middle mouse button)

5. File icons can be changed in a standard way system to your taste.
   (properties of the shortcut or file is invoked from the panel by pressing the right mouse button on the icon.
So you can see the changing pattern icons need update skin by clicking the middle mouse button)


!!! I wish you all a good luck, pleasant and convenient to use !!!

P.S.: The idea in the fact that those who own graphical editors can easily repaint the existing panel, replace the junk on your design or not difficult to add more, changing a few numbers in the file Variables.
© 2017 - 2024 ZerOverdriveRU
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Hey, I've been using this for years and love it!

I've just upgraded my primary monitor to a 2560 x 1440 but oddly it scales your '1/3 Launchers' up to be pretty large, no matter which monitor they're on. Could you tell me how to resize them manually myself?