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Auto System HUD Tech fantasy new version



Skin automatically adjusts the dimensions of all the components and fonts for any screen resolutions. and auto-detect the number of CPU cores and disks, rigid or pluggable storage media. But the most interesting of the features is a the 2 docks, for which do not need to create a picture button and don't need enter the path, but simply to put the desired shortcuts to anything in any quantity, and you can create folders for grouping them, and changing the standard way shortcut icons and 3colors skin to create your design.

There is a choice of languages: English (default), Russian and Another language (the user should do the translation).

The link to the video instruction on YouTube:…

Top and bottom panels, the string to search for in the Internet and weather for 10 days with the details of they fixed and don't moving.
Skin for logical drives only moves horizontally, since the bottom appears the connected memory device.
The rest are all skins you can place on your own.

PS: In many places involved pressing the right mouse button.
For example:
- the properties of the shortcuts and files on the quick launch panel
- open the time settings on the calendar
- the picture in the slideshow opens the folder of images
- copy the text from Notepad
- a pair of hidden functions on the block user
- right mouse button work almost everywhere in the lower pane.
All of these functions are explained on tooltips.

- Top & bottom panels fixed

2 dock for shortcuts to files and folders, applets and links that can be inserted in an unlimited number, and they will be available by scrolling the mouse wheel
(inside you can create folders for grouping by types)
Buttons that are closer to the Central unit, open folders for each of the docks.
The buttons which are the left and right, they in order to refresh the panel to see the new icons.
To access properties of files and folders, click right mouse button on the picture on the panel to change the icon.
P.S.: Not advisable to store the panels large files and folders, as this will take a lot of space on the system drive.

Skin has all the features of the taskbar:
All programs, scrolled, all that is in the start menu, clock and calendar (it opens in the middle hours, and scroll with the mouse wheel), a tray, a string to search for files and folders by part of their names, volume control, and access network
To extend desktop you can hide the task bar properties settings.
Pinned programs, and links to sites on start menu and quick launch bar can be done as shortcuts and put in the docks of the skin.

Watch the video carefully and easily master skin !
Thank you for choosing my work.
 I wish you all comfortable use !
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WOW!!! Great work!