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Feet seek feasts of televised-Booth-
feats (melodiless
footnotes in pages
prepared unread) of
Lincoln vehicular slaughters
veiling the very
volumes they measured
in atomized atomic time.
They race to face the
global epidermic centers
of continental continuums
consuming math,
prerequisital recitals
lamenting the loss
of elaborated demeaning
Understand the conflict- :
ing verbs never show state of being,
but state of change.
State the purpose:
Descent transcending
down an upward-escalator reversed,
the underside understated in
opaque forgetfulness -
trace scars of scuffed
scandal vandals that never much cared
for third-eye advantages.
See, the futur-
is tic-ing
:iconnihilim:nihilim 4 78
sami by mad-red-hat sami :iconmad-red-hat:mad-red-hat 15 16
-- war of words --
war of words
Hydra's tongue whipping
serenity's senses
to delirious discord.
Sever with words,
yet mortal sword cannot
slaughter each subsequent strike.
:iconhojucult:hojucult 1 27
In Sight of Apocalypse by arcipello In Sight of Apocalypse :iconarcipello:arcipello 4,134 555 the sheltering sky by foureyes the sheltering sky :iconfoureyes:foureyes 2,208 479
Radiant static drifts from the radioactive aura of the television.
Diminishing my pupils to pinholes of perception.
Bleeding the captions of the ten o'clock news with the dreams of death i see forthcoming.
Blah blah Blah...
Buy your American flags and your "Fuck Muslim" Bumper Stickers...

Layers of reality melt away as the hours count away like minutes.
Infomercials cloud the path of perception.
Breaking concentration into small fragments of space and time.
Spilling the contents of human comprehention all over the surrounding landscape.
Blood streaming through my veins relaying communication across the "Central Nervous System"</b>
Dial-up mindload disconnection.
Virus found // infected file ..... scaning...scaning....... Corrupt file found:: [Soul.dll] //
Reformat drive /H:/eart.
All feelings will be deleted Press cntl + Alt + $ .
Feelings wash away with the checkings of e-mails from unknown person[s].
Fiber-optic suicide televised for th
:iconeverytimeidie:everytimeidie 29 46
A Giant Bee by SakuraMizu A Giant Bee :iconsakuramizu:SakuraMizu 467 1,162 The reign of the universe by ladymorgana The reign of the universe :iconladymorgana:ladymorgana 278 168
Cross the Rubicon
Cross The Rubicon
'Neath shadow blankets,
sins obscured.
Coy whispers whither
in lust. Lured
by thirst immortal,
ne'er to die,
Yearn in silence with-
out a sigh.
The night's breeze kissing
naked breast.
Two hands caressing,
no protest.
Liquid limbs parting,
with delight,
and thus revealing
blissful flight,
while faithless stars gaze
down upon,
blind love crossing the
last edit: 15th July 2003, 4.36PM GMT+10
:iconhojucult:hojucult 2 31
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Adam C. McEwen
United States
Check out inkblotstar

I hear he's a cool guy.


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XGamerGT03 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005
hm says you live 1.5 km from me, do i know you?
mad-red-hat Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2004
your poetry is so good sometimes, it makes me sick.
nihilim Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003   Writer
But you do, but you do!
Believe me.

You only need become aware of it, and think strange thoughts.
c4nada Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2003
hi, just saying thanks for all the help you've given me. i like a lot of the stuff you've been doing and best of luck to you on future projects. keep tinkering into designing with adobe or psp.
pamelaski Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2003
Hi! I found your gallery through GeoURL, I'm in Columbia, SC.

Good to see another poet. There's a poetry reading at Jammin' Java on Main Street in Columbia on December 16. Hopefully there will be a few deviants reading at it, you're welcome to come into town for it. Let me know if you want more info.

Take care!
lengleng Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2003
how has this fucker been!?
acidicpyxie Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2003
what a great random devstop this turned out to be!! I'll be watchin' ya :)
tmpst24myst Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2003  Student Writer
Thank you for adding me to your friends list.
nihilim Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2003   Writer
Thanks for the fave, I'll try to fix that preview so I'm not fucking too terribly with your page.
punky-o Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2003   Photographer
I also send a 55 gallon drum with a spray top
the drum is filled natural spring water

and a bag of onions
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