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Hey man, awesome work, I did a model based on this concept (hope you don't mind, if so please let me know :S). Here's the link if you want to take a look.…

Great job, again :)
Thanks .
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Like this one. Love the soft stroke-work (brushwork?) on her head. the nymphet aspect and the red hair.
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Hello, I know you must hear this a lot, but I love your art and style. I am currently working on my art skills myself, as is everyone here I am sure, but I can only hope to be half as good as you. I was wondering what type of training did you revived and which did you find most useful? 

- Thanks 
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cool concept I would like to do something like this but I don't have your talent^^ don't you have some advice or tips for a total beginner in digital painting?
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even unfinishede looks amazing@
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New Lol champ confirmed :v (?)
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I like this one...

In figure too :P ?
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Woah, this is really awesome, well done job with this Zeronis ;D
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slanting legs, She had surgery?)

Dem hips...unf.
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The weapon design and character design is really neat.
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Very cool art :)
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wooo o_O awesome...
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wooow, :B ˜˜  

Is gorgeous.
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I love her hair and outfit and design altogether!
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I love her hair!! 
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Slightly off topic, but totally on topic how do you usually go about do character turn arounds and the ideation phase of character creation. We know you're forever creating characters, but we usually just get to see the finished piece, which is nice, but I wanna see them rough sketches and what could've been. 
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i love this draw
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ooooooooo I rikes :3
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