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Violette MK2 Mekanizer BW








Full BW sketch of Violette MK2 for Mekanizer Project
Project Collab with :iconhazardousarts:

Violette MK2 Mekanizer BW Bust by Zeronis
Violette Mekanizer by ZeronisVenessa Mekanizer by ZeronisLilly Mekanizer by ZeronisRuby Mekanizer by Zeronis
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Cool design, but not much protection.
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Of course.. bikini armor, that is so cliche..
Fantasygame's avatar
Zeronis! Now, you are one of my favorite artists. 
Wildscenery's avatar
You are sooooo good! Keep it up because all of your work is amazing!
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I have seen a few of these and they are all awesome!!! Just amazing!!
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This project totally reminds me of Kantai Collection!
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Very nice style dude B3
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This is some really amazing and detailed art! Very well done!
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Really cool character design :)
DoomSpawner's avatar
Now that is totally brilliant! The scythe is awsum *w*!
TraceofHatred's avatar
I have to say - you over did it on the breasts and under did it on the shoulders.

It almost looks like her elbow pads are a second set of breasts - which really threw me off and confused me x'D

Naturally, I look for the shoulder to figure it out - But the shoulder is either gone, or way lower than it should be.

That aside, nice job :3
MethusulaComics's avatar
awesome design. right blend of sexiness, badassery and epic.
Firsoff's avatar
Great caracter design´s!! Became a fan!
lowleveledclutter's avatar
is that a.... jet sword scythe? wow!! 0_0
Thedeadcontinent's avatar
I like the armor design for her legs. very cool
Raikumon's avatar
She looks good :D But the bra looks to nudy for my taste so Lilly is still my favorite! :3
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