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Vi Portrait Fan Art

Me doing some Fan Art!
(This is simply a fan art and it is not done for the game or for Riot Games)

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linsanna's avatar
This is amazing. I want to learn to draw digitally like this someday. 
CrazyCaffeine-Adopts's avatar
Hi I saw someone using this as their icon on here (Their user is MrsTango) I'm not sure if you have any rules against this but I figured I would let you know
Atreyasdream's avatar
nice really good ;-)
mpfunder02's avatar
this is awesome :)
shattertimeandhearts's avatar
This is better than the coloured version...It gives the picture some... I don't know. A feeling that remembers of the past
Burntherabbitout's avatar
I somehow like this version better than the colored
z3r0-tw0's avatar
I love the value painting!  Great work!  Vi is such an awesome characterI am a dummy! 
xinocomics's avatar
I love the black and white version.
SkylessNights's avatar
Wow. Is this digital art? I find it difficult to draw digitally but it looks awesome! :)
ArtBazi's avatar
I like it in the colour too) will watch
blgboo's avatar
what is this from
IbukiMiodaStar's avatar
League of Legends. It's free to play. It's like Dota 2 but better.
napandapi's avatar
I like it, I don't play lol, but I like the characters, they are all perfect, but I kinda play dota 2,...
nyrrus's avatar
league of legends
pain2u20's avatar
You have a lot skill1
elwenjie's avatar
this is LOL right? Its good...
Loreathan's avatar
DigiWrecker's avatar
This is AMAZING. Great job. :)
Boeta746's avatar
Amazing like the way this drawing looks
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