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Three Heroes

By Zeronis
This image is about a year old. I felt like creating an image that included one favorite character from each of the universe. I was pretty satisfied with the result last year, but now when I look at it, I wished I could have taken a more careful approach.

Anyways, I hope you guys like the image. Again, thanks for the 500,000 views, and mostly the love, and sincere comments.

World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo are copyrighted to Blizzard

Art Style = Mine!
Tablet = Intuos 3
Software = Photoshop CS3
Time = 25+ hrs?
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© 2009 - 2021 Zeronis
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CNreal's avatar
Oh wow, you definitely nailed "favorite character" on the head. The detailed and accurate portrayal of each character, including Arthas, looks amazing to me.
Jeffyuan's avatar
Rough and tumble......
Tyrael would probably insta-gib Arthas the moment he saw him
weary-soulsearcher's avatar
Is it weird that this reminds me of Lord of the Rings?? It's like Sauron, a ring wraith and an ent decided to start fighting....
TwigKnight's avatar
I'd give the advantage to Zeratul, then Tyrael, then finally Arthas bringing up the rear.
Our16bitwar's avatar
This should be the next cover in 'Blizzard All-Starts' totally deserves
LeoArcticaa's avatar
should of put karrigan XD but Zeratul is cool XD
AZREAL258's avatar
This looks awesome.
Aseika's avatar
heheh tyrial would win vs the litchking however I don't know if the protos would win against of either of them.
HellDrake77777's avatar
Really? Arthas is the weakest of the three. The actualy battle, which will be verry even will be vs Tyrial and Zeratul.
Aseika's avatar
my money is on tyrial although I agree its a fair and even fight betwixed the two them. even I have turned the litch king upside down with ease. with my guilds help :P we hit him so hard we knocked an entire phase out of him in seconds XD
HellDrake77777's avatar
Well Arthas didn't go up against a Demon God(pretty much as strong or stronger than K'hil Jaden) and survive, he also didn't fight his way through all of the zerg deffences on the zerg homeworld and reach the Overmind, after which escaping. On Azaroth Arthas is tough I admit, but if we compare him to people from the other two games of Blizzard, he is just the next wimp on the block.
Aseika's avatar
I agree with that assesment ;P
jesusmonger's avatar
Awesome picture. I'm pretty sure that Arthas would win, just saying.
AesirMaster's avatar
Tyrael could restrain with his tendril wings and decapitate both
7331Dude's avatar
Zeratul, no chance. Tyrael vs. Lich King Arthas? "The Heavens Shall Tremble! :D
SingingFlames's avatar
Wow, this is just awesome. :wow: I love the poses, and the details. This is great. Well done!
WorldOfRobertcraft's avatar
Love it, Great work!
MrTBSC's avatar
isn´t arthas rather a villain now? ...
avispadator's avatar
Despite the powers of Tyrael , Arthas can defeat him , after all he is the ultimate undead and he is far more powerfull than Zerathul , after all , with te magical might of Ner'Zhul , Zerathul can't hide or use his psyonic powers against Arthas .
ArtanisL2's avatar
Why Zeratul can't use psionic powers? That means he can't use his blade either...
avispadator's avatar
Here is the explanation , Tyrael by being an archangel , is quite powerful , yet Zerathul and him are not as destructive as Arthas , since Arthas is armed with , the plate of the damned , and the soulless crown , besides of wielding Frostmourne , the soul stealer blade , Arthas helmet not only makes him the lich king it also protects him from psionic powers , Zerathul uses the power of the void to hide and such , yet the plate of the damned can protect arthas from nearly all damage , it ould take the entire Angiris Council ( Tyrael's brothers and sister ) , along with all the heroes of Aiur and Shakuras ( Allies of Zerathul ) just to bring Arthas down...
ArtanisL2's avatar
Well, I still think that a blade in the chest could possibly kill him. After very long period of stabbing him or something like that. I don't play WoW but the destructive power of the Protoss is far beyond Arthas and Tyrael. You say that Arthas will be taken down only after all heroes are united. Well, every Blizzard fan has seen Char...
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