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Syndra The Dark Sovereign Official Concept Art

Here's the Newest chick that came out in League.
You can check out the champion…

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2012

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DEATH-OF-LUNA-14's avatar
Im just now thinking that her crown reminds me of midna. Thanks zeronis for making my favorite champ in the game come to life!
BroDan270's avatar
I can't believe my eyes :) Beautiful :)
PaperArmor's avatar
Lovely work, I've seem impressive cosplays of her.
MisterSuicide's avatar
Syndra ..FREE flying hearts Icon 

i rly love this champ and this art is just so perfect Request: Fairy Dreams la plz 
Kuichuu's avatar
I wish her dark balls on in-game would look cool and very powerful like this. 
bunzaiko209's avatar
Reminds me of Dynasty Warriors for some reason! Awesome! =D
dragonkiss114's avatar
That is an epic sovereign! Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 
Thadechan's avatar
Hello, I'm hoping I get a response to this because I NEED to know. Is Syndra blind? We have two skins for her where her eyesight would be completely blocked out. A lot of us have been wondering if this is true as it seems to be in the realm of possibility.
Emily235's avatar
I've been doodling Syndra for ages and saving this picture... she's my all time favourite champ, simply because of her design. 
BottomFever's avatar
tbh this looks better than the splash hahah ^-^
Cityneon's avatar
xevozzez's avatar
Hello! I really appreciate this drawing of yours,I am a LOL player and I was wondering If I could do a re-make of this drawing? I actually want to re-draw the one in the middle,this will be done in order for me to learn and adapt to multiple styles (which I consider worthy, and yours is TRULY great!) and see how far I could go! Of course, CC and re-direct to original piece will be provided :) 
You can check my folder here:…
And one more question: you have multiple drawings in your gallery that I like (most interested in LOL ones), could I re-draw some others too?
Looking forward to hearing from you,cheers!
P.S. And Congratulations for all your artwork masterpieces!
john-my's avatar
one of my fav. champs.
why teh hell her ingame model doesn't looks like this. i mean at least the whole model could get a rework. her textures look ingame so damb creepy. plz rework her.. that she fits better with others.
gerrychavez's avatar
Looks so cool, So much untapped power!!
It still bothers me that Syndra doesn't wear shoes...
Kirin-Bastard's avatar
Thanks for making me lose all hopes in my colouring skills...
onixdarkwine's avatar
:) love this.  you very talented. don't mean to sound derp, but are the actual artish of all these champs, as in LOL riot employee
yoruhentai's avatar
man this  is spar... awesome XD
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