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YES! thank you! :heart:
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cool! thank you for sharing this!
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Very very cool! Love the lighting especially.
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How do you preform the last two steps?
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I love your art style!
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Love seeing the progression towards the finished version. Nice work by the way!
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Love the way you did your work, love the focus point and really love the additional details ideas on her armor. Added a Watch on you :)
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Last 2 frames, there's blur, and after that a normal picture, with, I think its called chromatic aberration ( but im not sure, if u use it, just looks like it ;d  ). Could you explain how you do this? Picture is blurred but yet it looks sharp and visible, without tiring eyes. Pleassshhh :3
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I've been trying to figure this out as well! I think you have to go (in PS) to Filter, then Distort, then Lens Correction. There are two sliders under "Chromatic Aberration" on the right-hand side. If you play around with those it should kinda work, lol.
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Hi! Thanks a lot, i tried it and it somehow works, its still not the same, as Zeronis, but it works for now :D
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There's also a tutorial for it that I found after I already replied, lol.…
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Thank you! I have been trying to get that effect but have been only making a copy layers one with R and one with GB but it does not have the same effect as this.
I really appreciate it!
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Lol you're welcome!! I would have no idea what to look for if someone didn't say "chromatic aberration".
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A challenge!!!!: Samus Phazon Suit.  
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I don't get how the first layer of color was purple then to their other respective colors, but it's so cool!
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