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Samus Portrait KKG Artbook


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Done for the  KKG-Artbook  by
Artists please join and submits some of your awesome fan arts for the artbook

This is a revisit of my old fan art Samus Portrait by Zeronis
Jinx portrait fan art coming up next with process gif!

Process Gif of Samus Samus-Portrait-Process-Zeronis-PK by Zeronis

Alice by ZeronisVi Portrait Fan Art Colored by ZeronisSAMUS Preview Zeronis PK by Zeronis
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GL-ZOON's avatar
The lens effect!!!
Always was a fan of Samus. Now I know why. :D
AM05's avatar
Awesome drawing  really like all the details of her suit
CaveMaster1777's avatar
i take it that is phazon corruption on her face
Rafa-Oliveir4's avatar
MikazukiMAN's avatar
These are damn good
Bandicoot317's avatar
WHOH this looks very well done
colin6969's avatar
Impressive she looks very life like ! :)
Sara1444's avatar
Why is Samus wearing make-up?
MASTER-K0HGA's avatar
I'm lost for words, it's so stunning that I don't have any words to describe how beautiful this piece of artwork is. Keep up good work, it's. Artists like you deserve a lot of recognition. It almost looks so real, this would look really as like a type of screenshot in an anime or movie, it's just perfect. Love the detail in the armor and Samus's expression. Your art is never a disappointment, it's just amazing. Sorry for the long paragraph, I'm just amazed.
mivpus's avatar
I've always wondered if people with huge shoulder-pauldrons can even look to the sides without having to do the heroic upper chest-twist...maybe that's why they do it?
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Magnifique, j'adore ! Heart Heart 
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