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Sally - Meknaizer 01


Here's a doodle of a mechanic character for Mekanizer. I'll be doing more sketches to really figure out her design. The world is a pretty hot place for these girls. When Mekanizer girls need maintenance, Sally's got it.


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Is that crease on the right eye correct, im not getting the shape?
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it´s so cool :DClap 
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sick robotic arm and the hat design!
Black-Sweater's avatar
I love her hammer! so Cool!<3
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Hot but... cute! ❤
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That's a cool design, even if it didn't have the massive underboobs.
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like the cute mechanic that can fix damn near anything that's busted, and would probably look cute when angry.
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i love this!!! ♥
Classic cool and gorgeous artwork 
She looks AWESOME!
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This simple lines looks pretty
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The badass looking teddy bear on the weapon is really cute! hehe
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Really lovely :lovelyeyes: 
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THIS IS IS SO AMAZING. I love her, I want all the figurines of her ;A;
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Your work really shines whenever I see you make Mekanaizer or OC stuff!! I love this design~Love Love Love Love Love 
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I like the design, I like the stuffed animal, I just don't like where it is placed. It would be cute if he was either hanging off the tip or he is strapped against one side of the hammer that way his back is against the weapon and the straps secure his  body and legs/arms as well.   Other than that I really like it, which in case it is unclear. I still really like it.
I like the little cat. 
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