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This is a cropped version of current WIP personal art that I'm working on for GFG(Gamers for Good). Luv this character
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wooooooeeeeee. thats super awesome and polished!!! and it's samus so of course it's cool
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Nice version, like her face.
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The eyes are so moist(?) I love it!
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What are the chances that you'll show us a completed version of this picture? Or is this particular project dropped?
puddingerrant's avatar
Her hair attracts me most!Awesome!
SorrowfulVelvet's avatar
Love the expression.
fatmandreams's avatar
omg i absolutely love this !!!
luis-GAH's avatar
amazing, hast thou completed it yet?… 
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such a striking image.
utriv's avatar
Samus is the BEST!!! 
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Love love love your work! Do you paint on a Cintiq? Or use a tablet?
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I absolutely love how much attitude you gave Samus! More often than not, I've typically seen her depicted as the stoic, silent type. But here, it appears you've given her a sense of playfulness that's been sorely missing in other works of her. You've added a new dimension of the character, and she couldn't be any more beautiful for it!
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Simply amazing ^^
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she makes me think of amanda seyfried for some reason.
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Wow, love the sheen in the hair. Nice effect. :)
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loved the hair =)
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This is a beautiful piece. She comes off very alluring and mysterious.
JohnnyWatcher's avatar
Is there a finished version?
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This one's nice :)
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