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REMI 7 Mekanizer Final

By Zeronis







REMI 7 Mekanizer, Final concept full body. This is a collaborative figurine project with :iconhazardousarts:
He'll be doing a live stream sculpt of her pretty soon so please stop by his site and watch his DA page!
I'm super excited to see this girl come to life by the talent and magic of Hazardous!
The thematic of this world is pretty much this. Sexy Robot. Contrast of Soft Skin and Hard Metal.
Please share and support this if you guys like the project!

Thanks! :D

Remy Mekanizer Cropped 1 by Zeronis
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Reminds me of Shimakaze from Kantai Collection.
wow ............. i mean wow that aside i love the way you made the scythe, it is one right? whatever it doesn't matter this is completely badass a f*$#ing rocket propelled scythe truly amazing
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$60 an hour even at full time does not equal $13904. Got to love the trollz
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That's pretty amazing
Galinas-Claim's avatar
That's pretty hot!
S-O-G-A's avatar
Absolutely love this one.
Whaaaaaat1234's avatar
Nice character. Is she on agme because if she is could you please tell me?
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u r really gud.awesome work.
Joao-Ovitzke's avatar
Do you have a tutorial? *________________* i loved.
FlyingMonkeyBar's avatar
Downright amazing!

I may or may not want someone to RP as something like her with me now. XD
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new champ plz XD
amazing btw
girlwithpassion's avatar
>_< so good very very pretty
lamsos's avatar
Even the weapon is gorgeous ;)
Caine-of-Nod's avatar
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i love the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lighting?
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