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Photo Study Portrait No1

Like many of the artists here on DA, I discovered a fantastic place to share my art and technique. 
The site is called Patreon 

♥ available through my Patreon 

This is a piece I'll be sharing with you in the first batch of art which will be sent out to my Patrons (Backers, Supporters) next Thursday the 27th. 
It will contain Brushes, High-rez File of PSD, and HD Timelapse Video Process only exclusive on Patreon site!

I'm very new to this site so the layouts and everything on the site are WIP! :D

Thanks so much for the support! I'll see you all on the other side~ ;D
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Soulfire7777's avatar
I love the Hairstyle :) ^^ Awsome
infinity003's avatar
This is very pretty
DemiGospodinova's avatar
May I use this painting for my book? I will give you the credits. Will be waiting for your answer!
DarkSchneider62's avatar
So cute !! If only we can see her eyes !
Jennosaurr's avatar
LeinaIsDreaming's avatar
People that follow you still watch your stuff, don't worry! Keep up the amazing work!
mandomasta's avatar
the face seems vaguely familiar...idk why.
Keytalin's avatar
Nice! Just ... I think she moved out or proportion?
BlackWolflord666's avatar
Don't know about the face, but the hair reminds me of a pic of Scarlet Johansson.
poopakoopa22's avatar
Whoa this is so good! I love the brush variety of texture. I was wondering if maybe you could check out my first 2 portraits ever to see what you think? Otherwise keep up the good work!:happybounce: 
TeamAevum's avatar
I love it the facial structure is virtually perfect, very aesthetically pleasing. I learned a lot just from observing this, thanks
peirrin's avatar
I'm bad at commenting anymore.  But I like it.  I consider it to be a very emotional evocative
piece.  Thank you for sharing.
Shinigami-Whisper's avatar
I seriously wish I looked like this
Hello I would like to buy the rights of this portrait ... please contact me
DeviousbElle's avatar
i love how you put all your heart on this jewel!!!!!
xemilyxrawrx's avatar
WOW ! Wonderful ! *^*
You're really talented :heart:
KokoroChan14's avatar
Is it just mer does this look a teeny tiny bit like Hermione?
tennissyd's avatar
Yes!!! Exactly what I was thinking!
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