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Officer Vi Concept Art

Here's the third skin for Vi that I concept. I have another awesome skin Idea for her so please stay tuned for more future skins!
This is based on the officer caitlyn skin line and was done to make them look similar in a way.
This is not the most finished concept that I did but enjoy pls!

Also the skin idea is based on
police skin VI by 2gold by :icon2gold:

She did another fan art of her based on my skin concept that's based on her original fan art of my base Vi concept...omg Vi-inception. LUV her art!
Officer Vi (and Pink Donut) by 2gold

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2013

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what does those shotgun shells do in her gauntlets? 
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wow :O You made vi so beautiful -suicides- My life is now complete {btw I have officer vi and officer caitlyn  :D love these skins }
That-Crystal-Boy's avatar
Sometimes I question how strong people actually are in Anime.
rglbrimft's avatar
Awesome but I have to say that I don't want a handjob from her. O_o
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Dang, that girl is badass.
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
Don't smoke, Vi. Smoking's bad.
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Well those integrated shotguns look awesome!
ask-fire-emblem's avatar
"Vi, hah, stands for violence!"
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That's so awesome~!! I want gauntlets like those~!!
SirSkeeks's avatar
Man, what a god....10/10
B1G-CR1ME's avatar
Well that's badass.
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I love how the 6 tattoo above her left breast coordinates the with the VI roman numeral tattoo on her cheek in the default splash art, both mean 6 the attention to detail is phenomenal 
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it must be really painful lugging those around, I don't even think she could catch any criminals
essentialsquid's avatar
you mean fathands or boobs?
legoland5254's avatar
november1944's avatar
( heavy breathing) 
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