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Nova Versus Thor

By Zeronis
Another Boss battle key scene of Nova and Seth battling against the mighty Thor!

Spring 2010

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Sexy suit> Weapon of death
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Where is the download link? Would love to make this my wallpaper...
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this awesome wut ahpened next who died :ohnoes:
purifyingflame's avatar
that thor is sooo screwed.
damn shame the starcraft ghost never come out
monkeypie13's avatar
THOR SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Omg, you draw very fucking well dude, what are the tools that you used? table? software? and you have some tutorial?
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MrTBSC's avatar
a thor or odin?
JewelMaiden's avatar
very nice action!
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DAmmmm... I would like to see that! :3
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A boss battle, you say? Is this for something official that's being made behind the scenes, Shiramune?
TheKenttak's avatar
I love the movement in this. Actually, I just love everything about this.
greenflier's avatar
lol, all Nova really has to do is use her dominate ability, then that thor is hers to command XD
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enemys of the dominion your gona hve to whine louder we cant here in side this damn awsome machine thats about to blow you back to the stone age
well done nise work
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incredible work...
Nova looks great!
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