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this is so sick
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Interesting, I got the subject right on the first guess before clicking the picture. ACHIEVEMENT!! Great job by the way!
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I love you so much
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oh gawd ;_; ITS MIKASA!
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The motion in this is amazing!
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I love your art, it's so beautiful !
I especially like the fact that eyes always looks so real and facial expression seems to delivers a specific feels.
omg this is awsome!!! :happybounce: Heart 
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awesome i can feel the movement :)
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heck yeah... this is a mnore real representation....
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Drama, motion, character, so much in this!
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So good T_T so good!!!!!
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What an interesting style! 
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Beautiful work. Love how some parts of it looks blurry. :heart:
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My gorgeous animated wife :heart::XD:
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Get in line mate hahahahah XD
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como adoro a esa chica *-*
igual, se ve un poco... sadica xD diferente de la calmada Mikasa que conosco.

en todo caso, esta genial.
a cuanto tiempo le llamas speed paint..?
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Speedpaint...? ouch XD
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