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MMO magazine cover

By Zeronis
Long time, no update!

Here's a cover art that I did a year ago for the magazine, Massive Online Gamer.
I'm working on my second cover right now so I should have that up hopefully soon.

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Excellent work, I like it.
This is what Cassandra should look like in DAI 😛
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I think I'm in lust. <3  :"> 
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hello!i have to say that i love your works! Have you more pics about these character to make a cosplay?thak you ^^
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I like it really much, proportions and coloring are wonderful. I think you need to care a little bit more about symmetry, especially in the front plate of her armor (look at where the boobs connect to the lower part, they also bulk in a different way... since the plate is supposed to be stiff, it should not turn with the body, making her boobs accomodate to the armor, not the contrary) and maybe the position of her lifted mask, but that might be possible depending on how it's kept up.
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I remember that cover Z. Grats and great work.
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Very nice!
Love the armor design, especially the helmet and shoulder pad.
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I second the NWN comment. :)
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I only they had you make the NWN posters......theyd look so much better.
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wow, i envy you. Your ability to combine shading and colour to give a beautiful, lifelike finish almost makes drawing seem so simple. <3~
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amazing. The only word i can find, really xD :love:
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This piece is really a marvelous masterpiece. Powerful, strong and beautiful.

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