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MIDNA WIP 1 PK Zeronis

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Midna Fan Art Work in Progress!
Started coloring with low contrast and figuring out the lighting and base color underneath the line art.
Used mostly Soft brush in a airbrushing way with a bit of hard brush. Its only about half way there or less.
I'll keep the background simple to keep the attention on those two.
I'm going to color the line itself to make them blend in with the overall color and slowly start painting on top of the line.

let me know if anyone has questions, I'll answer them the best as I can!

MIDNA WIP PK Zeronis by ZeronisSamus Portrait KKG Artbook by ZeronisAlice by ZeronisVi Portrait Fan Art Colored by Zeronis
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I liked it very much
Henil031's avatar
Impressive set of artwork there I see
thenick1084's avatar
Thats a really great piece of Midna, keep up the good work.
CrossToons's avatar
Even like this it looked like a great illustration already!
Mathularan's avatar
If I could draw anywhere as good as this I'd be done at this point >.>
DemonsJaw's avatar
I wanna know what brush presets you have and if you can post it for download?
Frayde's avatar
Awesome. This step is really helpful to me :)
kuropop's avatar
Is the color of the skin light blue or dark green?
grafmason's avatar
unusable's avatar
Is this a detail from a larger picture? Nice to see Midna fanart that has her Twili version.
Wronaink's avatar
It looks great! But I think isn't it something weird with her breasts? It looks a bit like hanging. But I love the rest!
TooManyDemons's avatar
this is totally awesome.
Valor115's avatar
I like the colors, very awesome work (:
TwilightDreamers10's avatar
The humanoid Midna is very hot, I must admit o//o;

TyrantChimera's avatar
both the coloured and non-coloured ver4sions have their own flavour, it's nice!
geanera's avatar
very nice!!!
janfiny's avatar
I love all Zelda games and shows from the oldest to the newest too!!+favlove +favlove +fav +fav deviantART deviantART  
janfiny's avatar
Beautiful Mysticness!!:happybounce: Trophy Winner I love deviantART! 
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<3 my fav game chara YES :iconiloveitplz:
soulSmith1's avatar
oh i love it especially the texture sexy stylle lol ....did i comment here before?
AndrewDent's avatar
Wow! :wow: This is looking BEAUTIFUL :D
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