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I was too busy or felt lazy to continue on with this but I finally decided to pick this back up on the weekend and finish.
Time to move on!
If there are requests for more fan arts, please comment the name and the name of the IP below.


MIDNA WIP PK Zeronis by ZeronisMIDNA WIP 1    PK Zeronis by Zeronis

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Lovely. 👌

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Absolutely amazing work, so perfect, love it
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My favorite princess in both her forms.... so majestic!

Love your style by the way :)
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I like midna she's my favorite!
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Midna is the best person you'll find in any game. Elizabeth? Who's that?
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Absolutely stunning! Insta :+fav: XDDD


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.........well damn
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♡ I love you for this. I miss Midna's snarky, sarcastic attitude.
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im absolutely in love with this 
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Wow, such an amazing picture of Midna, very nice work.
Very beautiful artwork 
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Amazing art work, congratulations!
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ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Zelda fan myself :happy: 
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Quite beautiful depictions of Midna. The depth and shading are very attractive.
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I absolutely love this work! Is there a way to get a physical print from you for my wall? :)
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Dude, ZeroNis... I've seen this pic before and saved it to my computer. This has got to be THE BEST respresentation of Midna (both forms) that I've ever seen. New ones come out, but they never top this one.
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