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MEMEME Blu girl

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Fan Art Portrait of Japan's Animation Expo lovely character from ME!ME!ME!

ME!ME!ME! by Zeronis
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i love the song in japanese ^.^ lol im such a beginner weeb!
poptarteater123's avatar
This is my song, I'm weird
ChellyBoo1992's avatar
Oh she's cute! Love the colorful hair. :heart:
Cool. Like some techno idea eh? Why's she upside down? And who is she anyway?
BabyDollRose's avatar
If you don't already know what this is from, then it's probably best you don't ask about itNo, I disagree! Sweating a little... 
Somnium-23's avatar
ME!ME!ME! is freaking awesome Love 
I'm a big anime fan. Please inform me.
Removed for violating terms of service, the error message says. It doesn't say why though. Copyright violation maybe? Do you have any other link to point me too? I'm curious who she is.
InkyTheCartoonist's avatar
Probably due to sexual content.
But I agree, just look up MEMEME music video.
Just look up ME!ME!ME! You'll know it when you see it.
K-u-k-i's avatar
Great colours!
Yuseiran's avatar
Sheptunia's avatar
*-* Love this video
AdnanBenq's avatar
I love it. The video was a complete mindfuck though.
BirbinSpace's avatar
Shiyome's avatar
Loved the style you use!
Glowandstar's avatar
Why you put dis nigga upside down
AdnanBenq's avatar
best comment ever
Maxxerek's avatar
Take your slang and leave lol
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