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I spent quiet of bit of time trying to get the face correct as usual! I need to keep things more loose and fluid, not get so bogged down on making the face super perfect!
For the Christmas special, one of the characters I'm working on will be Elsa from Frozen! With some twists of course ;)

Thanks so much for the support! If I reach the $1500 milestone, I'll be making some NSFW fan arts and characters for the first time! <3

ME!ME!ME! by ZeronisMEMEME Blu girl by Zeronis
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Is that Kula Diamond?
kiritokunsenpai01's avatar
Amazing art I love it
Truly hypnotizing. Perfect.
amaaaazing art as always!! <3

and also, love how you changed your watermark to match the Me! Me! Me! theme :3
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It's so realistic oh my gosh!
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iluminate confirmedz
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Oops... auto correct... 'Princess' is what I meant to say
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The beauty must never end
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That was one weird ass animation. Christ
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oh gosh it's that chick! The demon anime chick is still popular for some weird reason!!!!!!
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I saw the animation for this, it blew my mind! Great Work!!!
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lol i think of kula diamond from kof...with that blue hair and stuff
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Love this! I'd really like to see you draw the other characters in the video! Your art style is amazing! <3
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