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Karma Rework RiotZeronis


Karma's new redesign concept art
Came out slightly differently but this is the original concept of her new look.

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2012
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Glad to see her chest got covered in-game
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Well it's 2016 now. I'm certain a Karma restore isn't planned any time soon, but she's becoming a welcome pick even in LCS play. Perhaps her current popularity will cause it to be considered. I doubt Riot would tolerate what is arguably a visually inferior champion to be around champions that are vastly more appealing to watch in esports.

I think what I honestly love about this concept the most is how absolutely massive the Mantle of Decorum is. I mean just look at it. It's significance in Ionian culture really comes through in her design. It's so easy to ignore in game because of how pitifully the final result is rendered, but not here. The mantle says "Look at me. I'm important. Get on my level. Sea Elilisa Tera Vi motherfucker." Probably my favorite set concept art out of all of the league of legends artworks that Paul Kwon/RiotZeronis has given us.
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she is a bitch. indeed
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Isn't there some way this concept can be added to the actual game, it's a waste to just leave it out seeing as it is one of the most visually appealling costumes.
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this is in the game, this is what the Karma rework looks like.
It's actually fairly different to the final version. He even says this in the description: "Came out slightly differently but this is the original concept of her new look." Those "slight" changes make all the difference and this version is much better than the in-game one.
I really like her hair in this artwork. 
Love the leg armour on the right leg looks very cool
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This looks so much more awesome QQ
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I love everything! *-*
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please do a rework of the splash too this is amazing 030
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Stunning, I'm crazy about her rework and I had no idea you were behind it. I really love the look of it on the little model!
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Awful game but awesome artwork.
awesome game, awesome artwork, but aweful community/players
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Extremely over-rated game compared to something like RaiderZ, Amazing artwork and Fan content, Toxic and unruly community. 
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So beautiful! never noticed the blue halo was two dragons before, it looks wonderful <3
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Karma is not black confirmed.
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Kind of reminds me of Tharja from Fire Emblem.
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