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Kaine - Nier 01

This is a fan art of Kaine from Nier. Never really played the game but the character herself is awesome! Going for pretty sexy and beautiful art in my own very style.
I had a tons of fun making this art! Did a lot of experiments while recording the video that way I can share the steps and also for me to go back and retrace.
The little moon looking guy helps balance it out I think ;)


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Amazing. The "moon looking guy " is Emil.

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amazing image!!!
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so sultry and seductive! Pastel coloring is very pleasant as well
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moon face looks like Cryaotic
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Boooooooobs. Love 
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Very nice, Gravity being well-depicted as a saint in this piece. Keep it up!:D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) 
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The moon-face could just kick the propping weapon from under her arms and he's as good as in paradise; a paradise of softness, ripeness, and juiciness, where fleshy fruit bear all year long. Take a look at that sly, perverted, full of anticipation smile of his; I think the lascivious bastard knows it. It’s a miracle he isn’t drooling.

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Patiently waiting for Automata to come out.. Oh how i miss this world ❤
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Dick or no dick there's always anal.
Torpedo tits don't sit right with me but the rest is great! Play the game, it's a bit rough but it's definitely a classic.
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That's what happens when you have rather large breasts and bend over though. Gravity and shit.
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Meh, the internet doesn't care if this is a guy in the game or not, it's still within rule 63. Or is it rule 65? 
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Spoiler: It's a dude.
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Hermaphrodite* and she's canon considered female. Not that it would matter, she's my favorite in the game either way. Besides, the evidence is only in Nier Replicant which is the version with an intentionally unisex Nier.
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Zeronis! The BOOBS look like mangos...all pointy and stuff,everything else on point :D No pun intended. I do love your work though,also follow you on facebook and tumblr 
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FYI the character has a dick.

A big one, too.
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that's fantastic
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