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Ice Queen

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Here's a quick fanart of FFXIV
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Love it, so cold yet so sensual 
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wow! amazing work!
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It's awesome and beutiful!
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Awesome work!!La la la la Clap I am a dummy! 
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It is, ehemmm, chilling!
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Very nice work!
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Look like Crysal Maiden in dota 2, beta version :)
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Stunning piece of artwork! :faint: :heart:
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Shiva has always been one of my favorite summons/guardianforce/monster in the Final Fantasy series, I think I really fell in love with her when I first was introduced to the series with Final Fantasy VIII. She'll always be the first thing I think of in relationship to ice/snow/cold powers.
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Nice color blending and texture rendering
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great talent, love your art!!
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you really have talent never stop what your doing its beautiful and inspiring
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She looks like a White Walker from GoT! Amazing work.
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She is beautiful.  I hope that one day I can make my characters as beautiful.
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Ice? It's a Metal Queen!!
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