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Gravity Ryan Stone

By Zeronis
Saw this movie couple days ago. I fell in love with it in first viewing. I loved it so much I went to see it again!
The story, Direction, Camera shots, acting, the immersive feel and the dreamy feel, It all was beautiful.
Not to mention the score of the music was fantastic!
Even if people say that some of the things didn't make any sense or wouldn't have happened in real life. I appreciated this film as a piece of art. The brilliance in story telling through all most every senses made me inspired to paint this one night. This film will change the way I work and my goal as an artist.

Music: Gravity OST "Don't Let Go"

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t love the story behind this ❤ 
BlueEyedBrigadier's avatar
Incredible...simply and utterly incredible!
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yes, it truly is a wonderful film to watch :D
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LOVE IT!! Awesome artwork, totally agree with you about the film. Alfonso Cuarón is a brilliant director, he's great at world-building that feels so authentic (such a shame he turned down directing "Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them", he did so good with the third HP film...).

Kinda reminds me a bit of this one work by KR0NPR1NZ (since both of you have a similar style) but I like this one a bit more since she resembles Sandra Bullock so much. Really like how you incorporated the helmet's reflection as well. Great Job :D…
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this is amazing Doge 
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that's so beautiful 
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Love how you gave expression to the eyes 
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Amazing piece! 
Gravity is not a sci-fi movie
I-Phillip's avatar
So you're saying the story of Gravity is not fictional? Well damn, how'd I miss that!
sci-fi is hi-tech future stuff not real time tech 
I-Phillip's avatar
Nope, that's just what people generally think of Sci-fi as futuristic. 

Gravity is a scientific movie, and it's also a fictional movie, it is thus Sci-fi.
Well sorry then
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