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Gaara of the Sand



Gaara is one of my favorite Naruto characters ever since he first appeared.
A ninja able to possess the sand as his offense and defense ability. He can crush people, create shield, pretty much anything with it.
I will draw one or two more characters that I like from the show.

took about 2.5 hours
fun fun!

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Gaara is one of the most powerful characters in the Naruto universe. He is also one of my favorites as he shared a similar past with Naruto himself. Growing up pretty much isolated and despised by most everyone because of the monster trapped within him.

The only thing that separates Gaara from Naruto is that Gaara grew up believing he needed to be the strongest to survive where Naruto grew up believing he had to prove he was worthy to stand with his fellow villagers.

They are mirror images of each other and, in the end, they become like brothers.