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Fleur de Deces








Personal Portrait Piece. Only way to move on to something else was to upload this on here.
Not related to League of Legends. May look similar to some particular champ but this is no way related. My Aesthetic preference for plant people might explain the resemblance.

Please check out my new Artstation and Otakumode page by clicking the links above.

MIDNA by ZeronisSamus Portrait KKG Artbook by ZeronisAlice by Zeronis
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fleur de deces? as in french for "Flower of death or passing? kinda fitting really
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Beautiful, the light is amazing!
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Looks like a character from Blue Submarine number 6.

very nice!
TFSakon's avatar
Very ethereal feel, the colours, the pose, the character. Even the angle of the image.
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It's very good! >///<
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wonderful colours <3
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the spelling of the title isn't correct, and it also sounds quite weird. Good job on the art though
Maeyria's avatar
Wow awsome work!
Keep it up :D

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fantastic texture in her hair.... and amazing light work. grate job.
Sin-Nombre-RPG's avatar
So not a sylvari, either. Just a happy coincidence
artratene's avatar
Great colours!!
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Fascinating... O.O
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i'm sorry, but i was read it fleur de feces.... :sprint:
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Every time I see one of your artworks, I always know that you were the one who made it! xD I know cuz you have a really unique style! Gooo Zeronis!
I don't know what type of enchant this image has, but it calls me some old and good memories.
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