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Diablo Class Death Knight

A submission I've done for a competition over at They gave me a free ticket to Blizzcon last year! So for this concept, I decided to combine the two missing classes from last year's build of Diablo 3, which were Necromancer and Paladin. So this is what I would imagine as a Death Knight.

I would like to take some design process knowledge I learned from Art Center and re tackle this concept in the future.
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well thinking about it, Necromancer and DK from WoW have a fair share of similarities :) (aside blatant differences like the shield XD)
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Exactly how it has to be :dummy: even more so for having green, which is the color of the Plague!
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Necro and Paladin were always my favorite classes. And this just speaks to me so much since I always made a summoner, so I put very few skill points into bone/poison or curse, giving me a huge army, but nothing to do personally, sometimes making me feel like a lazy bastard. Zeal, at least Sacrifice, my own aura, plus another stacked on from the Act2 desert mercs. Beyond overpowered and I would be loving every minute of it. 
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I would chose this character out of a line up in a heart beat.
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Grrreat work, the sword is AMAZING!

You did a very nice job on the armor and the green light :clap:
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Doubt this will make it into the game but pretty nice work all together...
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This guy was heavily influence by Auron from FFX wasn't he? XD
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Cool enough to be in the game!
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I love it, but when it comes to bladed weapons necromancers are know for using scythes so just change the sword to a scythe and make his hair longer and it's perfect
AquamarineWarrior42's avatar
It's a paladin necro mix, so swords are completely feasable.
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I know, but a scythe would ne much more badass, that or a cross between the sword in his hands and Sonja's sword from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
AquamarineWarrior42's avatar
Eh, not the biggest fan of a scythe to begin with :P
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Death Knight? Ergh...

WoW can be that gay, but not D3. I won't allow it...
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Actually, I think they were trying combine the Assassin's martial arts tree with the Paladin when they made the monk. As for the Necromancer, I think they were try to combine him with the Druid when they made the Which Doctor. I wish they kept the Necromancer though.
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I've heard that Blizzard is considering bringing back more of the classes from D2 for expansions, and I'm guessing they'd pick Necromancer if they do that
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I hope so. The Necromancer may not have been the most powerful class, but I think it was one of the most fun to play.
Permanent-Insanity's avatar
Necromancer was fun, but Assassin was always my favorite
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Yes, the Assassin (in my opinion) is one of the best classes in the game. I like the Necromancer because there's nothing like having an army follow you around.
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The army was fun, Druid was pretty fun for the same reason, but it sounds like they just made Druid into Witch Doctor for the new game
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I know what you mean. Still I wish they had kept the Necromancer.
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Yeah, hopefully it will be in an expansion
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Wicked. :D +Fave.
reminds me of Auron, in a kickass sort of way :)
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