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Death Rogue - MOG cover art cropped

Here's the cropped version that resembles closely to what it looks like on the magazine.

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So cool.

Clap Clap Clap 
Very sexy.  The chains might mdake too much noise for her to be a successful assassin though🔪
colin6969's avatar
very nicely done piece !
cipher-X's avatar
Gorgeous design.
Download button seems not to work...?
ryusuke98's avatar
she looks like katarina, from lol :3
sjsun425's avatar
your girls look alot younger now ever since youve been creating characters for lol champions is there a reason why ...  im just asking to be curious not to troll ^^
motoroker's avatar
men this is awesome!!! so sexy! nice colors!

Deadlysyren's avatar
I main this chick and that s soo Effin cool! Great job!!
CrazyMira's avatar
1st second i saw it i was like OMG THIS AWESOME KATA and then i was like w8 a sec thats much more awesome than any of her skins xD
Lucithea's avatar
OMG *_* redheads a rule the world!
franja2190's avatar
beyond amazing my friend, very inspiring piece.
Dude I thought this was Katarina from League of Legends to me honest. Anyway amazing work
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shurkin's avatar
red hair two "daggers" i see it :D
I'm pretty sure that it is. The cover she's on mentions League of Legends, and I think there was a giveaway for a Katarina skin in a gaming magazine.
Clavet's avatar
Rly great job!
Boudhlar's avatar
Damn so perfect! dat little smile ****w****
and of course sexy body haha.
that's an awsome pic.
Lee-Mc-Cov's avatar
Damn! She's perfect!!!
TheDarkSkulll's avatar
Katarina..1 of my best champion ever <33333333333333333333
PalasDG's avatar
This could be the best kat skin <3
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