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Your art work is amazing is there any think you could recommend to someone trying to improve :)
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GG, I love the headhunter series and play Yi and Nid. :D
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Very cool the design as alwaysthe futuristic netting and metal along with the tribal affectations.
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VERY predator-ish, netting, sparse glowing/electronics, sparse armor in general, the shape of the helmet, the arm laptop (i call it that), the dreadlockes, the tribal tats, and all the adornments. The gun is sort of off character, sort of. Little known fact, there has been multiple times where a human has been annexed into Yautja society. Other than all that, she is so NOT "one ugly mutha-fucka".
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woo nice! awesome! :O
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This reminds me of Predator, very nice though.
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I love everything about this! Lovely focused expression!
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dude. you have the best designing skills. ahhh!
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What do you use to draw? (sorry I'm new)
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I am so incredibly aroused by the sheer SKILL of this drawing.
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tiny feet lol <3
DidSenpaiNoticeMe's avatar
Can someone please tell me what program is he using ? =3
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Pretty sure it's just photoshop haha.
S-O-G-A's avatar
Absolutely love this one.
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You are my favorite concept artist! I love your art style so much!!
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in the back view, the topmost part of the helmet looks like a masquerade mask ! Great work.
CrmznOgre623's avatar
You probably get this alot but, goddamn!
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you should draw more men, I saw some of your male characters and they're great.
BladeRiver's avatar
This concept is really amazing and awesome, well done job Zeronis :D
CRPGMunin's avatar
Beautiful design, but i get impression she is totally new champion for LoL than Caitlyn. Somehow cant see the sheriff of Piltover in this picture, that "funny-hat-lady".

Dont get me wrong, art is absolutely stunning. Love playing Caitlyn, but this skin is totally different than what her original character is, so wont buy it in game.
0nyx5tone's avatar
I like how the visor looks kind of like a part of her head-dress when folded up. Not to mention the rest of it is pretty amazing.
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