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Blood Elf Deathknight

Another image started in 2008 and finished today. I started it back in October of 2008 and had it sitting, collecting dust in my hard drive for long long time. Until this weekend, I decided to edit it a bit and finish it. I coulda done more to it but decided to let it go and move on to other paintings.

Art © Paul Kwon
World of Warcraft © Blizzard

Art Style = Blizzard & Shiramune
Tablet = Intuos 3
Software = Photoshop CS3
Time = 7-10 hrs
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© 2009 - 2021 Zeronis
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OMG, a great painting/picture.

May i use the picture for a card in a Magic Card set i'm creating? I'll be posting it with all the others once i have them all done and i'll possibly be putting it on another site. I will make sure to credit you in the description, you're name (if you want) will be on the card as illustrator otherwise i will have your Username on there.
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This is incredible!!!!!!!!! I love it so much
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This is amazing, I absolutely love it.
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Amazing, nice work^^
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So beautiful!
Kiawanlightdawn's avatar
it strangely, for some weird reason reminds me of sara Kerigan
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cool work..i lov d colors..
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floaty armor is awesome! Love them shoulderpads!
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her shoulders must hurt o-o
slapp-a-dap's avatar
dude. bro. can i use this as a background?
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Love the mood and lighting.
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this is so awesome
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Exceptional. Love the atmosphere that is given to this piece. Thank you for great work! =)
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Yaaaah! Amazing and completely gorgeous work!! Really beautiful, good job!
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I love Blood elfs and DK so yeah I love this pic <3
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