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April 5, 2009
Blizzcon FanArt Contest Winner by =Shiramune. From the suggester: "Shiramune's whole gallery is breath-taking, but this piece just blew me away completely. I can't stop staring at this, the colouring is marvelous and everything has been carefully detailed to make this a magnificent piece! His entirely gallery is a MUST see."
Featured by aunjuli
Suggested by rydi1689
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Blizzcon FanArt Contest Winner

Hey guys, I just received a word from Blizzard that I've Won!
I feel pretty proud and relieved.

Although I wasn't able to go to the Blizzcon because they didn't inform me on time. Hopefully they'll substitute the 2 tickets($200) for something else. If not, I'm satisfied with Nvidia Graphics Card, Logitech Keyboard, and a Sound card.

I would like to thank you guys for liking, commenting, and faving my work.
And I will make sure my future artworks will meet this much quality and expectations.


These belong to Blizzard Entertainment © 2005
-Blood Elf Warlock in Tier 6 Armor

-The Contest and all accompanying materials are copyright © 2005 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.-

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LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
Gorgeous Work<333
The colours are amazing and the spells really look like she has just cast them.  I assume she has just summoned the demon behind her to protect her.
Oblivexx's avatar
When doing a piece of work for blizzcon, do they accept outlines or would I have better chances of winning if I remove the outlines?
Tiger33's avatar
The Best <3>
Lrdfran's avatar
preciosas fotos :)
Fantasy606's avatar
Well this is proffessional work, very amazing :)
I wish i could draw like this..
Monakisu-chan's avatar
ohh I think this will be great for my cosplay plans *.* i love it and i found a lot of other pics that i like :D and there all are awesome for cosplaying
xxDamien's avatar
I have the "You know you play too much World of Warcraft when.." poster with this on it!
Amazing job.
I love it!
Selama ashal'anore!
Sydamen's avatar
What I'd give to be able to create something this magnificent! I guess it's never too late to start practicing, but I honestly don't have enough patience to sit and learn with all the things going on right now.. Sadly I don't think I ever will.
AngelBerdejo's avatar
mangasockattack's avatar
Breath-taking! This is magical~
Uligma's avatar
Wow! Awesome!
WhatAFluke's avatar
this is sooooo cool!!! lol:) it looks like something from magik:)
Pyrionus's avatar
The Malefic Armor Set huh? That is such an awesome picture!!!
pastel-bombs's avatar
This is SO amazing! I love WoW.. I'm a blood elf paladin! :dummy:
Shinseinaki's avatar
Warlock? I love it.
genuks's avatar
look wonderful!
Yamiko-Akizuki's avatar
This picture is TOO AWESOME to express it with words. Really, I love the colors, the characters, the atmosphere,... It's great! Very good job.
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