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Arcade Miss Fortune Concept Art







Concepted by :iconzeronis:
Modeled  and Proxy by :iconmissmaddytaylor:  and Textured and Finished by :iconsstrikerr:

Arcade MissFortune T by sstrikerrArcade MissFortune B by sstrikerrArcade Miss Fortune Concept Art - RiotZeronis by Zeronis

Awesome Splash art by :iconmichellehoefener: Arcade Miss Fortune Splash by MichelleHoefener

Property of Riot Games Entertainment, 2014 © 

Ahri Concept Zeronis PK by ZeronisAtlantean Syndra Official Art by Zeronis<da:thumb id="375548622"><da:thumb id="366787259">
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Wow very cool, I love those colors.  Great work :D
ota1991's avatar
someone squished her waist and the volume went all the way to the breasts
LadyDreamMaker's avatar
I need ask.. do you male art to RIOT? I mean this is oficial pics and not fan art right?
canttel's avatar
OMG her waist is so small
any chance of purchasing a hd version of this?

would love to have it.  cheers
Monochrome-Aki's avatar
very nicely done ^^
i know miss maddy taylor we talked a few times
i really love your work! and hers aswell
you two are doing an amazing job!
melliottf's avatar
I always dig these washed out candy colors.
ryu-hyeon-woo's avatar
wow!!!! beautiful!!!! 
Devorad's avatar
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Aphrost's avatar
Beautiful Concept Art! Thanks you for create this amazing concept. :D
Dapogiman's avatar
Danraz0r's avatar
bought the skin :3
RedReaper36's avatar
Those Zappers kinda look like sawed-offs.
7ud7ud's avatar
I'm falling in love with all your work <333
Seija's avatar
UGHHH totally bought this too when it came out. <3333 loving that your the mastermind (or at least one) behind these amazing skins
GhastGurlYT's avatar
Wow! Very good with detail!
Mylucidheartwork's avatar
So colorful and cute and sweet!
RuffPuff's avatar
She looks a little like Shiki from The World Ends With You. :la:
burningrage8-13's avatar
I love her outfit!
Can I use this photo for my overlay and banners for my twitch? It's so beautiful!!! I'm loving all the colors and how she looks!!! It's perfect!!!<3
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lazymanga-ka's avatar
This is amazing work i love it la in love 
SikM's avatar
Oh Zeronis... I wish I could paint the colors of the wind like you bwahahaha 
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