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Yay! Here's the promised Fan Art done based on the poll results from I want to see a Fanart of
She came in 2nd most demanded with 17%.
I love working on portraits of female characters and this one in particular was very fun to do. I'll be posting my process sheet soon sometime this week so stay tuned!
Jinx, Samus, and Midna are next fan arts that are being worked on.
Thanks all for the contribution.

Vi Portrait Fan Art by ZeronisSAMUS Preview Zeronis PK by ZeronisTilda Portrait by Zeronis


Just uploaded the process GIF. Sorry if it's not very in depth. I plan to do an In depth version for the Jinx Portrait Fan Art.
Enjoy! comment, if you have any questions!
Alice-Tutorial by Zeronis
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The attention to detail here is!!! Amazing!!!!
Asleep-From-Day's avatar
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this very great,I adore alice
Laurawidow's avatar
love her eyes especially.
Iollirot's avatar
This is so gorgeous! 
tsusmc8's avatar
I can't believe I'm just now realizing that this is your work. Alice is one of my favorite characters and I've kept this picture saved since I found as it's been one of favorites of her. She's stunning. You did an amazing job with her and I only hope to see more of my favorite characters make it your way. I wish there was NSFW alternative but I'm happy nonetheless. 
Keep up the amazing work and thanks for sharing.
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Top notch, there are few, if any at all, depictions of Alice that are better. Squee Bounce 
ElunaRae's avatar
fucking perfect
bai-jiale's avatar
Nice and impressive!
Tuzki Emoticon 2 
SymbioteNinja's avatar
Do you draw requests
deluecksartist's avatar
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u are a fantastic desiner
FallingAlyx's avatar
Amazing! She is so pretty!
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just amazing....  those amazing eyes.
shattertimeandhearts's avatar
She looks like a doll which is fantastic
samfisher117's avatar
XxNagisa's avatar
OMFG is it from Alice the madness returns ??? Yeah of course it me stupid :P but seriously that is amazing like hell ! Wauw good job !
AtukaTheRaptor's avatar
Hot evil look.
patrol81's avatar
very good on the face.
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