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2B X Sailormoon

2 days left to get this process content!
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Your art style is so different,easy to impress, hard to forget~

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what's with this sailormoon fanart pose i have been seeing everywhere, am i missing something?

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I'm wondering the same. I keep seeing this pose and angle. Who's the origin?

Aside Fran that though, this is a very cool redraw.
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Round of applause :clap:
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Awesome, Stark, Splendid, and Cool Artwork!!! Awesome + plz with new shading! Black And White Heart Emote- Free To Use Sir3o Cool *Free Icon/Emote* Sailor Moon love love love

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Wow, this is how Sailormoon should have looked, this is perfect. Not to mention that White hair looks more "moon-like" than fucking blond anyways.

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Just let it all out

The colors and design is great, this looks amazing!

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Amazing work as always

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I love your more somber take on SM. Using black ribbons to tie up her white hair into twin tails, and the gray eyes and silver headband are a nice contrast to her black dress.

The best I've seen so far.

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This looks good.

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beautiful art and interesting choice in changing the color palette :)

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This is beautiful. Full of emotion.


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2B looks amazing as Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon redraw meme.


stunningly gorgeous

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