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Shockwave: Transformers

One of my favorite Decepticons (original animated version in particular)!

Colors for a Shockwave convention print!

Character line art by the always excellent Dan Khanna :icondan-the-artguy:

Colors and background by me!

Transformers (C) Takara Tomy/Hasbro
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Shock wave is the best
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It would be most logical to favorite this.

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He wished he could join the others on earth but was ordered to stay behind to guard cybertron but at least he was seen in episodes instead of a few.
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He was Megatron's second in command. The only one he trusted to be able to keep Cybertron under Decepticon control and not try to betray him. He did an amazing job of it too, for millions of years!
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I wonder if that trustworthiness and high regard actually translated into factional rank, though. Shockwave was powerful in combat but served most potently in the 'soft' aspects of war like strategy, logistics, and research. Both of them would have understood that he was wasted or an inferior choice in some other roles, ones that required a very high post in the chain of command. When it was necessary, Megatron could grant Shockwave authority over Decepticons who would otherwise outrank him.

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Nicely done, this has always been one of my favourite Transformers overall, and its good to see that he isn't disregarded.
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HE is another favorite of mine and I have the toy.This bot transformered into a giant 40 foot ray gun.He has a cold sci type way of doing things.And was second only to megatron himself inpower.He could control the electromagnic spectrum which he could fire lightwaves,ultravolet ,microwaves redio waves ,gamma weaves.
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In a way you have to feel sorry for shockwave,after what the Decepticon's did to him.
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I guess that depends on what version/universe you're talking about.
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Idw g1 continuity. 
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In G1 (animated) he was Megatron's most trusted comrades. He was the one Megatron trusted to watch over all of Cybertron and maintain Decepticon rule while Megatron was off world. Shockwave did a damn fine job of it too for millions of years. Still my favorite version of the character!
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I think he's one of my favorites too. I realized that SG Lancross might be in Grand Scourge's Colors it seems to me to fit. and I want to do a SG Shockwave but I want him to be in a voyager size but for him to be both a tank while retaining his g1 appearance.
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He needs a space laser mode for sure. I like the old Decepticon gun modes :D
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Would the beast hunters shockwave be good since he's a tank?
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I just don't think he needs a tank mode. Robot and flying space laser are good :)
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That wasn't the Decepticons. It was the corrupt Cybertronian Senate.

The Senate, fearing that Senator Shockwave would perpetuate a rebellion, sent two officers to arrest him.
Despite protests from Orion Pax, Shockwave turned himself in and was subjected to mind-altering Shadowplay by the Senate, removing his emotions.

However, out of pure spite, they also performed empurata on the Senator, replacing his hands with claws and his head with a one-eyed cube. He would later note that the experience actually made him feel LIBERATED, as he came to believe that emotions were a weakness.
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Yes but megatrons turn into an Autobot made shockwave realize what he's done making him the bot he used to be before the space bridge collapsed him from the outside in. After he told Megatron and Optimus to shoot him.
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He's the most logical choice to lead the Decepticons.
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Awesome! My favorite Decepticon!
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